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  • Encaustic mixed media on wood panel with fabric, paper, ink, framed with a beautiful modern yet rustic frame in a blackish brown tone. 41"x17"

    Whispers In the Trees - SOLD

    • Encaustic paintings are extremely durable due to the fact that beeswax is impervious to moisture.  Because of this it will not deteriorate, yellow or darken.  Examples of encaustic paintings have survived from the Greek and Roman empires and are still as vibrant and colorful today as they were when they were painted.


      There are a few things to keep your encaustic art in the best shape possible.


      • Do not hang your encaustic painting near a fireplace or other heating source.


      • Hanging in direct sunlight is not recommended.


      • Do not leave your encaustic painting in a hot or freezing car.


      • Encaustic paintings can be buffed to a high gloss finish using a soft, lint free cloth. Over time wax can “bloom” which causing some slight dulling.If your piece ever does this just simply buff it.If there are 3 dimensional objects in your painting you can very gently go around them.


      • As with any artwork, proper care is important.Take care not to gouge or scratch the wax with anything.When transporting your artwork, be sure to wrap it in glassine/wax paper and then bubble wrap with the bubbles facing out.


      Thank you and enjoy your new piece of art!

      Laura Jacob

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