I am a Cleveland, Ohio native currently living in Lewis Center, OH with my husband, daughter, and mischievous puppy.  From a young age I knew I wanted to be an artist; and throughout high school and college I endeavored to create art with my own two hands, regardless of the medium.  I attended Bowling Green State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Oil Painting in 1997. In a time when computers began creating art it has always been important for me to craft art with my hands and feel the materials being used whether it’s paint, wax, or even glitter. For me, the messier the better!

Much of my inspiration comes from seeing the world through my little girls’ eyes paired with the beauty of nature.  I’m intrigued by art that displays a process beneath the finished product.  To me, the process of making art is just as important as the outcome.  I use materials that speak to me on a visceral level then discover interesting ways to incorporate them into my art; I find little gems like dried leaves and flowers while on a walk, my grandmother’s old buttons and sewing threads, or pages of a vintage book from an Antique store.  Anything that catches my eye is potential art and will most likely find its way into a piece at one time or another.

I stumbled upon a beeswax college workshop about seven years ago and absolutely fell in love with working with melted wax.  Since then I have been teaching myself the ancient art of Encaustic painting.  Painting with liquid wax is both satisfying and challenging.  The wax needs to be heated to around 120 degrees to be able to paint with it, it hardens quickly once it touches the wood canvas, and has to be fused in layers with a heat gun or a blow torch. 

Combining encaustics and my love of mixed media is a natural choice for me because it is so experimental with limitless possibilities in the materials I can use.  My goal in creating art is to find a link between ordinary life and the bits of magic that can be found in it.  The result is often ethereal and atmospheric pieces with a nod to vintage illustration and assemblage art.


Laura is currently represented by Hayley Gallery in New Albany, OH

Her work has been featured on the HGTV show Welcome Back Potter in 2016.

She has participated in many silent auctions for charity including Art For LIfe at the Columbus Museum of Art 2016.




A little bit about me

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